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Extra copies of the dvd...for those who paid the theatre fee as a separate payment from the monthly fees.

Want extra copies? 

Only $5 each.  

Did you pay the theatre fee as a separate payment from your monthly payments?  Then it was "bundled" with a DVD and Cast Photo!  I already have a list of who gets 1 DVD and the Cast Photos... If you'd like more they are only $5 each.  If you want to order one and didn't pay the theatre fee, use the button above.  

Shrek DVD and Cast Photo 

(for those who had the Theatre fee as part of your monthly payments - or for those who want to order thier first copy!)

Was your Theatre Fee a part of your monthly payments?  Then get your Cast Photo and DVD here...

I thought of bundling the DVD and the theatre fees and adding a Cast Photos after we had already begun rehearsals.  They will be bundled together from now on, but if you opted for the Theatre Fee to be a part of you monthly payments, then it didn't include a DVD or Cast Photo... so you can get one here! ​​

You can get multiple DVDs.. just toggle to the amount you want and then press "buy now."  

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Shrek ... Theatre Fee, Cast Photo, & DVD!   ($185) per family

​There are no tickets to this event.  Once you've paid the fee, you can bring as many people to come see the show as you'd like!!  This helps cover the huge cost of being in the theatre.  It usually runs around $17,000 for the theatre alone, then there are backdrops ($700 each) and props, print costs.  By the time all the bills are paid, the cost is around $19,000.  

Pre-Order Flowers​ 

Get your favorite performer(s) a beautiful bouquet of flowers... waiting for you at the theatre!

All proceeds help cover the exorbitant cost of being in the theatre.  These flowers are BEAUTIFUL and everyone who sees them wants to buy them... but due to the very low mark up, they are for pre order only.  

​Flowers are ordered the Monday before the shows.  No pre-orders can be accepted after then.