Middle-High School Camp

This camp features fundamentals of script writing, stage work,  improvisational comedy, vocal training, musical theatre dance style, character and scene development, self-confidence, living “in the moment” and the experience of planning and putting on a full performance open to family and friends.  Your teen will have a ton of fun and learn valuable skills in the performing arts.


K - 2 performs at 12:15 on the Friday of camp

3 - 6 performs at 1:00 on the Friday of camp

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We believe kids learn more when they're having fun!  Your kids will come skipping and running to camp.  Campers play acting games to get to know each other and to get comfortable in the camp environment.  Kids are free to watch until they feel ready to participate and are always treated        with kindness and respect.  

Musical theatre professionals teach week-long classes that rotate through workshops on singing, acting, and dancing, all while having a great time with theatre games, improvisation, and lots more.  Each week creates a unique show which showcases the songs and scenes campers worked on during the week.  

The final showcase is performed in the same venue campers rehearse in.

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This video explains how summer camp works from beginning to end.  You'll see how we create a show in 4 days and perform it on the 5th day!

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