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Use the button below to pay for the monthly class fees AND the Theatre Fee each month....

​There is a one time non-refundable $85 deposit to hold your space in class.   This deposit will be used towards the one time Theatre Fee.  The Theatre Fee is $185 less $85 deposit or $25 a month for 4  months added to the class fee.  It is per family and not per child. 

The monthly payments will begin the last week of January or the first week of February and will bill 4 times and then automatically stop

The button below is for the class fee of $88/mo + $25/mo for the remaining theatre fee.  

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 When you sign up....

1.  You will be charged $85 the day you sign up.  This deposit will be used towards the one time Theatre Fee.

2.  Then the classes will bill 1x a month from February to May and automatically stop. 

Auto Pay is a super easy way to take care of the monthly class fees.  I can (or you can) suspend or cancel an account anytime, so there are no worries if for any reason you stop class and want the payments to stop.  

The Automatic Payments can be set up for the monthly fees only or can include the Theatre Fee.

As we near the show, there is a one time Theatre Fee of $185.  This fee helps us cover the $22,000 it costs to be in the theatre with the fee you'll get:  a fun theatre experience,  digital cast photos, and a high resolution digital DVD of the show.  The $85 deposit will be deducted from the theatre fee, so all that will be due is $100.  Should you drop the show, the deposit is non-refundable.  

The day you sign up,  you'll see

     $85 "free trial"  for the first 2  weeks.  (This is how many weeks it is until February)

And then $__ a month for 4 months.  (This is for the monthly class fees February - May.)

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Honk! - Theatre Performance Class

Everyone gets a role with lines! 

Perform at the CA Center for the Arts... in costume, with lights, and backdrops!  
The full performance experience!