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The Story Begins:

Missing Starlet on the Movie Set! At a seaside Southern California location, the famed producer Sam Major was about to start shooting the final film in his epic spy movie series with his leading lady, Annie Coquette as ‘The Spy,’ jumping to safety from an exploding yacht in the first scene. But when the director, Bossy Berman, was ready to yell ‘action’, Annie was not to be found in her trailer or anywhere else! Suspecting foul play, Major immediately summoned the services of the Hollywood Detective Agency to quickly find his starlet before he’s forced to cast another actress to shoot the exploding yacht scene and before they lose daylight and a ton of money. The detective(s) has called the cast and crew to the film set to try and get to the bottom of this mega movie mystery.


Sam Major – Long-time film producer who struggled for years before hitting it big with ‘The Spy’ film franchise. Annie Coquette has announced that after this last film she will quit the movie business and devote her life to Shakespeare on the stage. Major is determined to make this the biggest and best film to date with hope that the studios will reward him with a new movie franchise and a new star.

Bossy Berman – Director of all the films in ‘The Spy’ franchise. Known for his great talent and horrible temper, Bossy is hated by the actors, crew, and even the guy who delivers pizza to the set. He was the last one to see Annie Coquette when they shot rehearsal scenes of Annie on board the yacht and her stunt double jumping into the water. Bossy took Annie back to the movie location in his motorboat while the stunt double opted for the challenge of swimming to shore.

Ginger Snapp – A supporting actress known for her dazzling appearance and constant inability to memorize her lines. Bossy and Annie have tried to have Ginger removed from every film but each time her husband has paid Major ‘a visit’ and Ginger stays in the picture. Ginger always plays the female villain which is perfect because she is jealous of Annie’s fame and gets frustrated when her arch-rival escapes her many movie traps.

Boss Salami – Husband to Ginger Snapp. Salami is a reputed Mob Boss who brutally runs the entire US West Coast operation of Custom Stationary. Salami has a temper to match his appetite and it’s all bad. During filming he constantly consumes cheeseburgers and screams at the other actors who make his wife forget her lines. Salami is the sole reason that Ginger gets cast in Major’s movies, as each time Major refuses, Salami makes him offer on discounted Custom Stationary that he can’t refuse.

Knuckles – Boss Salami’s right-hand man with a good left hook. A tough-luck boxer with a record of 1-56, his only win coming when the other guy didn’t show. Knuckles has ‘meetings’ with people that cross Boss Salami, and when Annie slipped Salami a veggie burger, he visited her trailer. Only that meeting was cordial as Knuckles secretly has a crush on Annie and fantasizes about ‘taking her away from all this.’ Apparently, all Knuckles wishes to take her away from is a rich, famous, and glamorous life.

Becky Miller – Long-time time assistant to Annie Coquette, the two were bitter high school enemies who turned friends when they met years later in Hollywood. Becky has tried to quit many times to pursue her dream of professional bird-watching but has been talked out of it by Annie who can’t live without her. Annie’s cell phone, wallet, and prescription chewing gum were all found on the person of Becky at the time of the disappearance.

Nadine Small – Hollywood beat reporter who has been a huge proponent of Annie Coquette’s career...until Annie decided to quit the movies. Small recently wrote a scathing article about Annie’s decision to pursue work on the stage and Annie in retaliation had Small barred from the set. Major allowed Small to return if she promised not to write a revenge piece in her magazine.

Chip Berman – Boyfriend to Annie Coquette. Chip travels to the movie sets with Annie so that he can work on his tan in different world locations. He appeared as a character who says, ‘what time is it?’ in one of Annie’s films, his only role to date. Chip has asked Annie to marry him several times to which Annie has always laughed quite loudly and left the room.

Dana Devlin – Former child star actress and Annie’s stunt double who has appeared in all ‘The Spy’ movies due to her likeness to Annie but also her talent at jumping from bridges, leaping off of buildings, and executing all of the tough shots that Annie can’t do. She is disappointed that her movie deals may dry up when Annie hits the stage. One of the last people to see Annie on the yacht when they rehearsed scenes for Bossy before Dana swam to shore while Bossy and Annie took the motorboat back.

Sally Envoy – Annie’s film agent. Sally boasts that she found Annie working in a Hollywood diner and turned her into a star. Annie has been her bread and butter client for many years, yet Sally is not too disappointed that Annie is leaving the movie business as she also serves as the only person that the star allows to manage her personal finances. She was on set to beg Annie to do one more movie for old time’s sake.

Rip Douglas – Washed-up actor and Annie’s estranged father who recently appeared out of nowhere to ask for an extravagant loan to start on ostrich farm. He doesn’t plan to use the birds for food, he just really likes ostriches. Instead, Annie offered him a job as her limo driver which he accepted on the condition that he could play loud disco music during rides. Annie said ‘no’ and it has been a bone of contention ever since. Rip is Annie’s sole living relative.

Camera Man Ken – The head of the only camera crew that is allowed to work with Annie because she likes the smell of his aftershave. Ken has asked Annie on a date a total of 47 times with the answer being ‘no’ 35 times, ‘never’ 7 times, and ‘not in a million years’ 5 times. The 5 ‘not in a million years’ replies have given Ken hope that after a million years, Annie might say ‘yes’.

Timothy Checkers – Annie’s co-star in several ‘The Spy’ films. Originally, Timothy was set to play ‘The Spy’ until some minor facial surgery by Annie’s preferred plastic surgeon went wrong and he came out looking like Popeye. Annie has tried to make amends by including him in ‘The Spy’ films as her sidekick; however, Timothy has severe stage-fright and cannot take the parts that Annie has offered him in her new theatre career.

Teddy Cameo – Major movie star who has agreed to a bit part in Annie’s last ‘The Spy’ films. Teddy accepted the part with hopes that he might become the next ‘Spy’ as he has major gambling debts due to the fact that he always picks the wrong rodent when he attends private Hollywood squirrel races.