Kids learn more when they are having fun and your child can learn by leaps and bounds if given the opportunity.   Theatre can build their self esteem, teach teamwork, and develop their creativity.  


We hope you join us!

Each of our classes combine skill building activities with hands on application to a different style show: 

musical theatre stories

(often non-musical) plays

big song & dance musical revues

Class size is limited by number of roles in each unique musical story - usually ranging from 18 - 26 roles.  Between weeks 4 - 6, our casting director comes and through simple "auditions" (one line readings for each role) cast the students into the roles available.  Students can join until the class is full or casting has been completed.  These classes employ a combination of meeting together for "live" rehearsals and meeting virtually to run lines and give acting coaching to small groups.  Parents provide costumes based on items specified to purchase that can often be found online. 

These classes build skills in vocal & stage dance technique as beginning to advanced students learn to create high energy production numbers!  Amazing songs and dances are linked together with narration style lines as we create one high energy song & dance show!

The script is developed based on students enrolled (up to 26) and given out by week 5.  Parents provide costumes based on items specified to purchase that can often be found online.  This class is typically a "live" rehearsal style class with video support to reinforce the choreography and vocal technique at home. 

Currently, due to restrictions placed by Covid-19, the class size is limited to 14 - 18 students  (depending on location) to allow for 6 foot distancing protocol.  Our Fall Showstoppers class is our new Holiday Show!  

You've got to see it to believe it.  (Hint:  Watch the video)  These high energy classes focus on building skills & acting in mini shows.  Classes begin with fun "gathering games" as everyone arrives to the virtual meeting.  Then acting games focus on different skill areas each week to give opportunities to grow in character development, improv and creativity.  We then rehearse our (often non musical) show.  Each show gets a zoom video recording as a final performance & keepsake.  

Class size is limited by the number of roles in each unique show - usually ranging from 7 - 14 roles.  The first class we read for and figure out who will play which role.  By class 3, costumes & props (hopefully found from things you already have) are figured out and on classes 4, 5, & 6 we spend a portion of each class filming for our final video performance.

Lights!  Camera!  Action!

Mini Shows

This class is a unique opportunity to perform onstage in a meaningful way.  Beginners to advanced students will learn as they apply their developing skills to a character role in each unique musical story.   Class begins with skill building acting games and then moves on to learn choreography, character development, believability, projection, memorizing lines, living in the moment, relating and reacting to other characters in the show, and so much more.  Then with costumes and props we perform at the beautiful California Center for the Arts, Escondido!  Lights!  Backdrops!  So much fun!

Welcome to our fun new Holiday Show!  It follows the same format as our "Showstoppers" class with a holiday theme!  We plan to take this show to the California Center for the Arts, Escondido (the first weekend in December) complete with light design, backdrops, costumes, song & dance and narration style lines.  However, if we are not in phase 4 and able to meet in the theatre, the theatre fee will be refunded and the final performance will be recorded as a video instead.  

Holiday Show!

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