$88 month / 1 child performing

$78 month / 2nd child

$68 month / 3rd child

$185 performer's fee / per family (not per child)

The Theatre Fee helps us pay the enormous cost of being in the theatre.  It will cost about $22,000 to be in the theatre for the week.  It is an additional $2000 for backdrops.  Once you add up all the costs, including print for programs, the videographer  photographer and more, the cost will be over $22,000.   

The Theatre fee will help pay for the theatre experience and with the fee you'll get high resolution digital cast photos, and a high resolution digital "DVD" of the show.  There are also 78 "freebie" seats in the Mezzanine section of the theatre made available first come first served the day of the performance.  For anyone who would rather know where they are sitting in advance, tickets are sold for $5 each in the orchestra section..  

When you sign up for a class, you are welcome to come to any of these locations anytime.  So if you have to miss your usual day because of a birthday party or some other conflict, you can simply come to a different class that week.  The rehearsal is the same all week long Wed. - Sat. 

(858)   822 - 9647


OPEN registration begins january 21!!

(Returning students have priority registration)

Classes Start: 

February 27, March 1, 2

Show Weekend:  May 18 or 19

​Tech Week:  see class times for show and tech rehearsal dates


​There is one show day & one tech day.

​There are 33 roles in this show!!

Once you register for class, you will be given a link to choose which character you'd like to be in the show.   

4S Ranch - Wed. 3:30 - 5:30 pm  (K-6)

Class meets at ​Black Mountain Middle School's Little Theatre

Theatre Tech Rehearsal:  Wednesday, May 15

Show Day:  May 18 @ 11 am (actors call 9:00 am)

​​Poway - Fri. 4:00 - 6:00 pm  (K-7)

Class meets at Twin Peaks Middle School's Little Theatre

Theatre Tech Rehearsal:  Friday, May 17

Show Day:  May 18 @ 3:00 pm (Actor's call 1:00 pm)

PQ - Sat. 2:00 - 4:00 pm  (K-6)

Class meets at ​Academy of Dance Arts (Black Mountain Rd.)

Theatre Tech Rehearsal:  Thursday, May 16

Show Day:  May 19 @ 1:00 pm (Actor's call:  11:00 pm)

PQ - Sat. 4:00 - 6:00 pm 

(Middle/High school only)

Class meets at ​Academy of Dance Arts (Black Mountain Rd.)


Theatre Tech Rehearsal:  Tuesday, May 14

Show Day:  May 18 @ 7:00 pm (Actor's call:  5:00 pm)


May 19 @ 5:00 (Actor's call:  3:00 pm)