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I directed over 30 traditionally cast Broadway musicals and then I had kids.  I wondered "where would I want to put my child in theatre (should they want to do this sort of thing) and then I began to see this from the parent's perspective.  Now our rehearsals are shorter including dress rehearsals.  If you have to miss a rehearsal you can come to any one of our classes all week long!  And most importantly everyone gets a role to play.  This is about the performer's development now and less about putting on a flawless show.  The shows look fantastic by the way... but now everyone is in a substantial part of the show!

about the director Catherine Colby

I started as many kids do... singing and dancing all around the house.  I joined my 6th grade choir and then Jr. High choir.  My 8th grade year, I  decided to try my luck at auditioning and auditioned for my Advanced Girls Chorus show "The Geigo Effect" and got the romantic goofball lead!  Looking back I have to laugh... I auditioned with my crush who played guitar and I sang harmony with him to a John Denver song..  Can you guess who was cast as my romantic opposite... yes, my crush.  Not much acting there!  The bug hit me then and I've been singing, dancing, and acting in  shows and choirs throughout high school and College.  I went to SDSU and got a BA in Music, Dance, Theatre.  I first taught private singing lessons.  In 2000, I began directing "big shows" using the name "Rising Stars."   In 2006,  Park Dale Lane Elementary School (Encinitas Union) hired me to be their "music consultant."  I loved it!  Student's loved it too... even the 6th graders came running to music class.  In 2010, Encinitas Country Day hired me to be their full time Theatre Arts teacher.  Then I had kids and realized that if possible, I'd like to see them a lot more than I was able too... so with no savings in my bank account, I quit my full time teaching position and went back to teaching musical theatre on my own. A movie star also liked the name "Rising Stars" and trademarked it... so I opened my first "Mini Theatre Troupe" class at Prodigy Dance in Torrey Highlands in September 2013 and Caitlyn and Kiana were my first two students.  Thanks to them coming back every week and bringing friends the class grew and grew.  And it continues to grow.  I love teaching and love working with kids.  Now that I'm a parent, I get parents too.  I'm thrilled to have you join our group and express gratitude every day that I'm able to do this wonderful "win/win" job.  I "win" because I love teaching and I get to spend lots of time with my kids.  The students "win" because this nurturing group encourages them to grow with love.   And the parents "win" because this group doesn't require you to give up all the other fun things you do with your kids in order to participate in theatre.  Welcome to Mini Theatre Troupe!  And thank you so much for your support!

Our Philosophy


Your child can learn by leaps and bounds if given the opportunity.   Theatre can build their self esteem, teach teamwork, and develop their creativity.  


Our final showcase (for our THEATRE REPERTORY CLASS) looks a lot like a full blown theatrical production, but it is actually an end of class showcase... this is a class.  Kids are taught what it means to act.  They get singing lessons, acting improv games,  and lots of theatrical dances to memorize.  Everyone gets lines as I reassign lines in the script to make sure that every role is important.  

EVERYONE SINGS AND DANCES IN EVERYONE'S SONGS.  (Whether it makes sense or not.)