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Kung Fu and... including theatre fee - for ?? students
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​Save your spot in our class

September - january.

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1.  Fill out the registration form.

​    On Monday mornings I process all the registration forms, add them to the class list, and send you a confirmation.  Classes need 20 students minimum to open... so tell your friends!!! 

2.  Sign up for "Auto Pay" (optional)

It won't begin charging until September, but you won't have to think about bringing your checkbook.

3.  I will confirm you are really in class.  This might take up to 2 days... once we hit our class limit, I can't take more students.  So I will confirm via email that you really are registered for class.  The website will also let you know.  If it is "open registration" there are spots left.  If it says "only 2 spots left" you know they might have been taken before I could take that off the site. 

The middle / high school group is doing Kung Fu Punzel and Les Mis....   Saturdays in PQ from 4 - 6 pm.  .

Kung Fu and... Class Fee Only for ? students
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Want to pay the theatre fee each month?  Then you won't owe the Theatre Fee at showtime?  Sign up for the Auto Pay below and have the Theatre Fee included in your monthly billing.   (The Theatre Fee is a one time fee of $120 per family (not per child) and with it you can bring as many people to come watch the show as you'd like.  There are no tickets sold to this event.) 

STEP 2:  Sign Up for Automatic Payments.  

Auto Pay is a super easy way to take care of the monthly class fees.  I can (or you can) suspend or cancel an account anytime, so there are no worries if for any reason you stop class and want the payments to stop.  

The Automatic Payments are for the monthly fees only.  As we near the show, there will be a shopping cart for the Theatre Fee ($120 per family, and choice to have flowers, etc.)

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