Play, Sing, Dance, ActCreate, Socialize, Learn & have fun building new skills while tapping into your imagination...

Storybook Acting:  Mini-Wizard of Oz     Ages 3, 4, & 5    $175/ 11 wks 

It's story time like you've never see in before!  Here the characters leap off the page and into your child's imagination as they sing, dance, and act to fun songs and stories.  On our final class day, we will present a 20-minute mini-musical presentation of our Storybook Acting!  (price includes script, cd, and t-shirt)

Best of Broadway:   (register through Poway Rec.)   Grades 1 - 8    $ per session                                               

Loved summer camp?  This class has the same fun format.  We select our favorite songs from Musical Theatre.   Then we take the lines from the show leading into the song.  We write MC lines introducing each song & scene.  Lines are divided equally amongst the cast.  We have a prop song, a vocal coached "stand and sing" song, a dance intensive song, and acting songs.  In this class we learn vocal, dance, and acting technique.  It is a fun way to improve your skills and create a fun showcase.  The last class has a simple showcase in the same venue we rehearse in.  Costume pieces are added to a basic shirt and pants outfit.

Broadway Showstoppers:    Wizard of Oz          Grades K - 8         $66 / month                                               

This program offers the best of both worlds:  quality classes with onstage performances.

After putting on over 30 traditional “big broadway shows” with auditions, casting, and some kids getting cut from the show, I had kids myself and realized, “Isn’t there a kinder, gentler way for kids to participate in theatre?”  That’s when I created Mini Theatre Troupe… the best of quality classes combined with the thrill of putting on a show.  You sign up for class, so you know you are in the show.  The first several classes we learn the choreography to the songs and explore all the roles available so kids can expand their idea of who they might like to be.  We then have a 4 week audition workshop where kids are taught what it means to audition, to be called back, and to have stage presence.  They perform a mock audition in front of a professional casting director who kindly places them in their role for the show.   In every show, we have a prop song, and "stand and sing" vocal coached song, a dance intensive song taught by a professional dance teacher, and acting songs.  Every character performs in every song, and every performer gets at least one line.  Everyone has more of an equal part. This group really lets everyone learn and grow together as an equal team.  All with a final show complete with sets, lights, props, costumes, mics:  the stage experience.    Class limit: 30.

Watch the video on our home page to see us in action.

SPRING SESSION:  (January - May 2015)

Class meets weekly from January through May.  Join class up until 2 months before our performance or until class is full.

Tech and Show will be scheduled in May.  Kindergarten and 1st grade will be ensemble.

FALL SESSION:    WIZARD OF OZ  (September 2014 - January 2015)

Class meets weekly from September through January.   Join class up until 2 months before our performance or until class is full.

Actor's Tech Rehearsal Jan. 2015 / Showcase January  2015.  Kindergarten & 1st grade will be Munchkins.


$66 a month - one performer

$56 a month - for 1 sibling

$0 a month - for the 3rd sibling or more

The monthly fee is for 4 classes a month.  We also welcome you to come take class at any of our other locations as many times as you’d like.  You could take class 4 times a week if you wanted too. We do not prorate the month for missed classes.  You also get a script and rehearsal cd.  You have the option to purchase a cast t-shirt.

$105 Theatre Fee   A one time per family fee in January.  With this fee you can bring as many people to come see the show as you’d like, it pays for the theatre rental ($4000), props, set, professional light design ($1000), and 2 techs to help during rehearsals and shows ($950.)

Costume   After casting is completed we will have a costume brainstorming meeting in which all the costumes will be thought out in a coordinated way.  We will then get you info on what to purchase for your child’s costume.  If you’d like to be on this committee, let me know!  Costume purchase will be the parents responsibility.


Jan. 25  Acting games to learn everyone’s name, get to know the group, explore acting & teamwork, acting games to explore Kids & Parents.Song:  Oompa-Loompa 4

Feb. 1:  acting games to explore the role of reporter & Willy Wonka.  Song:  Oompa-Loompa 1

Feb. 8:  acting games to explore grandparents / parents.  Song:  Candy Man

Feb. 15:  acting games to explore kids, oompas and all past characters:  Songs:  Oompa-Loompa 2 & 3.

Feb. 22:  more acting games to explore all the characters.  Song:  Golden Age of Chocolate 

March 1:  Audition Workshop.  Understanding Auditioning.  Song:  I’ve got a golden Ticket

March 8:  Audition Workshop:  Understanding Call-Backs.  Song:  Burping Song

March 15:  Audition Workshop:  Understanding:  Star Quality / stage presence.  Song:  I Want It NowMarch 22:  Audition Workshop:  Audition for Casting Director.  Mock Call Backs.  Roles assigned.  

March 29:  Acting Games to explore stage picture (tableaux) Script read through.  begin blocking.  Run all songs.

April 5:  acting games to explore blocking and theatre terminology.  Song:  Factory Reveal / Pure Imaginations

April 12:  more blocking / running songs and scenes.  Song:  Finale

April 19:  more blocking.  Staging Bows.   

April 26:  run show with props.

May 3:  stumble through

May 10:  run with props and costumes

May 16, 17, 18:  Dress Rehearsal and Shows

Sat. May 24:  Cast Party:  Solana Beach 11 -1  (host it anyone?)

Sat. May 24:  Cast Party:  Poway/Del Sur/4s 4 - 6 pm (host it anyone?)

UP NEXT:  SUMMER CAMP!  Performing Arts School in the morning (acting class, vocal class, dance class) and create and rehearse our show in the afternoon!

Nursery Rhyme Jam Session                             Ages 1, 2, & 3          $ / 11 weeks

Mother Goose Rocks!   And we will too as we take classic Nursery Rhymes and have a blast playing instruments, singing, dancing, and moving around the room.  Toddlers learn through sound exploration and movement in this curriculum.  They sing, chant, move, dance, listen, and play simple instruments - a full mix that allows them to be active, which is how a toddler learns. This class is a music class, dramatic imagination class, and a movement class all in one.   Class meets weekly from September through June.  Join class anytime until the class is full.  Parents Participate in this class.   Class limit:  12 (toddlers).

BENEFITS OF STARTING YOUNG:  Music's melodic and rhythmic patterns awaken and stimulate neural pathways in the brain that help develop memory, math skills, powers of abstract and creative thinking, self expression... as well as musical ability.  It's thought this area is a "use it or loose it" proposition.  Studies have shown that parts of the brain not stimulated early on atrophy and eventually disappear and it's thought the music and language centers of the brain operate much the same way.  So come join class and give your toddler the gift of life long musical development.

Semi-Private Lesson Coaching Class             Grades 2 - 7           $75 for 4 classes

Want more one-on-one attention?  Get vocal and acting coaching in this hands on class that builds skills as you work on the material you'll be performing be it Willy Wonka, your talent show, or anything else you've got going on.  Class limit:  8 students.

$75 for 4 weeks scheduled in advance.  Use them any 4 weeks you'd like as long as class is not full.

Wizard of Oz

Who are you gonna be?

    Dorothy           Wicked Witch            Good Witch

    Scarecrow       Lion                        Trees  

    Tin Man           Monkies                   Munchkins          

    The Professor/The Wizard

    Emerald City Citizens            Dance Team/Jitterbugs          

Characters will be chosen by the students after 2 months of fun acting games to explore each character.  K & 1st graders will be Munchkins.Wizard of Oz class grades K - 8