Theatre Repertory Class

Alice In Wonderland

SPRING SESSION:  (February - May 2015)

Class meets weekly from February through May.  Join class up until 1 month before our performance or until class is full.

Tech and Show will be the last weekend in May. 

Alice in Wonderland THEATRE REPERTORY CLASS  / POLICIES & FEES / Monthly Breakdown

$66 a month - one performer

$56 a month - for 1 sibling

$0 a month - for the 3rd sibling or more

The monthly fee is for 4 classes a month.  We also welcome you to come take class at any of our other locations as many times as you’d like.  You could take class 4 times a week if you wanted too. We do not prorate the month for missed classes.  You also get a script and rehearsal cd.  You have the option to purchase a cast t-shirt.

$105 Theatre Fee   A one time per family fee in January.  With this fee you can bring as many people to come see the show as you’d like, it pays for the theatre rental ($4000), props, set, professional light design ($1000), and 2 techs to help during rehearsals and shows ($950.)

Costume   After casting is completed we will have a costume brainstorming meeting in which all the costumes will be thought out in a coordinated way.  We will then get you info on what to purchase for your child’s costume.  If you’d like to be on this committee, let me know!  Costume purchase will be the parents responsibility.


ACTING:    We will play acting games which develop acting ability effortlessly.  Kids learn more when they  are having fun, and that is what they will be    doing… laughing all the way to a better acting level. 

AUDITION WORKSHOP:    We will explore  how to act all the characters in the show and everyone will be able to perform mock auditions to prepare for casting next month.

CHOREOGRAPHY:    We will also learn the choreography to:  

SCRIPT, CD, T-SHIRT:    Everyone will get the show vocal music cd and the script.  You can order a cast t-shirt too. 


ACTING:     While kids who join class “late” (or anyone who wants or needs more practice) will be learning the choreography from February, the kids who have been in class the whole time will get to continue the fun acting games.

CASTING WORKSHOP:    We will explore what the auditions and casting will be like.

CASTING:     We hire a professional Casting Director (Julie Greathouse) to come and cast the show.  This is one week it is important not to miss.  If you can’t come to your “primary” location, then please come to one of the other locations.  The Casting Director will be placing performer’s in their roles… not me.

CHOREOGRAPHY:    We will learn the choreography to:  

T-SHIRT:    T-shirts will be handed out (for those that ordered one.)  You can still order a t-shirt if you’d like.


ACTING:     While kids who join class “late” (or anyone who wants or needs more practice) will be learning the choreography from February & March, the kids who have been in class the whole time will get to continue the fun acting games.

BLOCKING:     We will begin working our scenes and begin blocking the show.  (Blocking means where you stand onstage.)

MUSICAL THEATRE DANCE CLASS:    We will learn our “dance intensive” song:

T-SHIRT:    T-shirts will be handed out (for those that ordered one.)  You can still order a t-shirt if you’d like


BLOCKING:     We will run the show from beginning to end adding props and costumes.

VOCAL COACHING:    We will learn vocal technique and work on our "stand and sing" song:  

T-SHIRT:    T-shirts will be handed out (for those that ordered one.)  You can still order a t-shirt if you’d like.


We will perform our show the last weekend in May.   The following weekend will be our Cast Party!  (First weekend in June)


Who are you gonna be?



   CHESHIRE CAT (1,2,3)                           WHITE RABBIT

   TWEEDLE DEE         TWEEDLE DUM         LOBSTERS (1,2,3)

   MAD HATTER          MARCH HAIR            FLOWERS (1,2,3,4,5) 

   CATTERPILLAR        QUEEN OF HEARTS     CARDS (1,2,3,4,5)            

Roles will be chosen by our Casting Director after 6 weeks of fun acting games to explore each character.  We are looking for 26 performers to play all the different roles!  Come join class anytime... (until it's full and "closes" to new students.)


2 fun classes to choose from

for ages 6 - 14

Theatre Repertory Class

Alice In Wonderland

Ages 6 - 14         $66 / month

February - May 2015

This program offers the best of both worlds:  

quality classes with onstage performances.

After putting on over 30 traditional “big broadway shows” with auditions, casting, and some kids getting cut from the show, I had kids myself and realized, “Isn’t there a kinder, gentler way for kids to participate in theatre?”  That’s when I created Mini Theatre Troupe… the best of quality classes combined with the thrill of putting on a show.  You sign up for class, so you know you are in the show.  The first several classes we learn the choreography to the songs and explore all the roles available so kids can expand their idea of who they might like to be.  We then have a 4 week audition workshop where kids are taught what it means to audition, to be called back, and to have stage presence.  They perform a mock audition in front of a professional casting director who kindly places them in their role for the show.   In every show, we have a prop song, and "stand and sing" vocal coached song, a dance intensive song, and acting songs.  Every character performs in every song, and every performer gets at least one line.  Everyone has more of an equal part. This group really lets everyone learn and grow together as an equal team.  All with a final show complete with sets, lights, props, costumes, mics:  the stage experience.    Class limit: 26.        Watch the video on our home page to see us in action.

Best of Broadway   

Register through Poway Rec.   

Ages 7 - 14    $135/session                                             

Let's create a show where everyone can be the star! 

We select our favorite songs from Musical Theatre.   Then we take the lines from the show leading into the song.  We write MC lines introducing each song & scene.  Lines are divided equally amongst the cast.  We have a prop song, a vocal coached "stand and sing" song, a dance intensive song, and acting songs.  In this class we learn vocal, dance, and acting technique.  It is a fun way to improve your skills and create a fun showcase.  The last class has a simple showcase in the same venue we rehearse in.  Costume pieces are added to a basic shirt and pants outfit.  Students hone their acting and performing skills in a fun atmosphere free from the expenses and time commitment usually required to do theatre.  

Class Limit: 20.

Play, Sing, Dance, Act, Create, Socialize, Learn, & have fun building new skills while tapping into your imagination...

Repertory theatre is when the same actors work together for a season (or many seasons) and act in "ensemble" style shows where everyone plays a role and contributes equally to the success of the show.  They are considered a "troupe" that works together to constantly develop their skills and try on new characters.  They become a strong group of friends who share a passion for creativity and performing.  Creating this camaraderie is fundamental to how they develop as performers, and it is a cornerstone of the MTT program.